1M IPB Youth and Community Fund open for Submissions until 17th Jan 2014

IPB Insurance  have 1M fund which will be allocated through their CSE Framework to establish the IPB Youth & Community Fund.  There are 6 categories

  • Arts and Culture;
  • Qualifying initiatives in this category  include those that:
  • That promote and contribute to projects of an artistic nature that directly benefit local communities and involve local people
  • Preserve and enhance the local identity and the unique artistic and cultural assets of a community through a variety of activities.
  • Elderly
  • Promotes participation in physical or mental health and wellbeing programmes
  • Aim to prevent isolation and loneliness
  • assist independent living
  • Physical Activity and Sport
  • Increase opportunities for people with all levels of abilities to engage with others in physical activity and sport.
  • Encourage regular participation in physical activity and sport.
  • Encourage regular participation in physical activity, sport and healthy lifestyle.
  • Re-engage young people through physical activity and sporting programmes.
  •  Environment
  •   Promote civic responsibility by getting people involved in shaping and looking after their local              environment
  • . Assist in the upgrading (not replacement) physical improvement and development of civic                      ownership of local amenities e.g. allotments.
  •    Seek to bring previously developed land back into public use.
  •    Community Development
  •     Develop and enhance facilities within the local community e.g. a community house
  •      Offer opportunities for people of all ages background and abilities to engage in programmes that          promote social inclusion.
  •      Enhance local business integration within the community through community partnership                     projects.
  •       Youth
  •        Provide young people with access to additional youth facilities and activities.
  •        Promote active youth participation within the local community.
  •        Add value to existing youth facilities and programmes.
  •         Go to www.ipb.ie/cse for further info









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