Moneygourney/Maryborough hill Roundabout

Latest update from Council Officials -following correspondence between Dev/council/Nama in relation to completing the junction between Moneygourney/Maryborough Hill Roundabout, officials are now seeking a face to dace meeting with Nama officials next week in an effort to get Nama to release funds to complete the works. This section is critical Nd no effort must be spared in finalising this sorry saga. I will keep readers informed

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  1. Brilliant news Deirdre. We really need to get traction on this. Safety at this junction is of serious concern. In an ideal world NAMA should go onsite to see for themselves the impact and release the funds without delay.
    Please keep us posted.

    • Jeff, you are right the junction here is highly dangerous, Im delighted council have (at last)put bus standing areas, but where is the safe crossing? I was told two years ago that the bus standing area couldnt go ahead without safety crossing, but it seems doctors (eng) differ and hopefully no one will be injured before this section is completed. I am however delighted that the two officials who are seeking to meet NAMA officials next week or asap know the gravity and urgency of the situation. Certainly, the NTA reps have been around the area so they must also know the situation and can verify and support the gravity of the matter. I am also aware that some Oireachtas members are pushing the issue.

  2. Thanks Deirdre. There was line painting going on this morning there so hopefully they will sort some but of a pedestrian or pelican crossing now. At least the stop has been moved to where there is a light also and people can be more clearly seen. As for the roundabout it is great to get the visability with NAMA and other government areas. What is the overall cost to sort this issue out? I think I read somewhere that it was in the region of €250k. Surely with the current situation many contractors if not the developer themselves would bite NAMAs hand off to get this work. Lets hope NAMA agree on the urgency and get a program of works in place soon.
    Thanks as always,

  3. Deirdre,
    Any word on the meetings between NAMA and the council on this? It would be a shame not to tie these works into the existing works on that road leading to the junction in question. I would hope that in the 6 months since they were due to meet that significant progress has been made?
    Any update would be grately appreciated,

    • Hi Jeff, thanks for the comment. I and all right thinking people want the current works to tie in with the works at that junction. Council have been in touch with NAMA but it appears on the back burner. Since then I have written to the Local Government Auditor (Mr Moran) outlining the situation and seeking his offices to have action taken in the matter. He has since replied and will discuss the matter with officials and I will know more when the Audit is presented later this year. Be assured I have not given up on this matter and indeed have already decided on the next course open to us, should there be no movement. Incidentially, I have also spoken briefly to the landowner. Sadly, that conversation was not positive.

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