I’m ecstatic Foxwood to Fort Hill project to commence 11th March

Wills Bros Ltd., Civil Engineering Contractors, have been appointed to carry out the works on the L2471 Clarke’s Hill / L2472 Moneygourney Road Improvement Scheme.  Construction is due to commence on Monday 11th March, 2013.

The contractor is currently liaising with service providers and establishing a site compound.  They have carried out a letter drop to the houses on the Moneygourney Road informing them that works are about to begin. They also intend erecting information signs locally for the residents of the adjoining housing estates.

The contractor intends to commence works at the Maryborough Hill end of the scheme.  They are also keen to begin site clearance and boundary construction at the narrow section of road, west of theBallyorban Roadjunction.

This contract includes for all the work on the section between Foxwood (where the last contract ended) and Maryborough Hill (excluding the junction of the Moneygurney Road with Maryborough Hill), and so, the project will then be complete from the Upper entrance to Mount Oval as far as Maryborough Hill.

The entire pavement will be resurfaced throughout the contract which is just now commencing.

The contract includes for the construction of a roundabout on the main alignment at the junction of Fort Hill and The Borough.

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