JOB PATH Employment Activation Programme

A new programme of employment activation (JobPath) that is being introduced by the Department of Social Protection. JobPath will cater mainly for the long-term unemployed (over 12 months) and will assist jobseekers to secure and sustain full-time paid employment or self-employment.

Recently the Department of Social Protection began the roll-out of JobPath commencing with jobseekers from the Intreo Centres in Longford and Bray and the roll-out in Cork started in August.

In summary:

The Department recently signed contracts with two companies (Turas Nua Limited and Seetec Limited) for the provision of JobPath services.

Under JobPath, Turas Nua and Seetec will provide additional employment services which will augment – not replace – the Department’s existing employment services (including Local Employment Services and Job Clubs).  Between 260,000 and 440,000 jobseekers will be referred to JobPath over the duration of the programme.  JobPath will provide intensive individual support, advice and coaching to all on the programme.  JobPath will also help participants to address social inclusion barriers, improve personal well-being and tackle personal difficulties such as literacy, numeracy, addictions etc.

Turas Nua will provide JobPath serviced in the Cork area. The details of the first jobseekers from Cork are being  made available to Turas Nua on 17 August 2015. Letters were also sent the jobseekers inviting them to an information session that will be jointly hosted by the Department and the company on 24 August.

The Department is working closely with both Turas Nua and Seetec on the development of the detailed operational procedures and systems required to implement JobPath.   It is intended to use the experience gained from the first number of locations in order to ensure that the IT systems and the business processes are operating smoothly.  It is intended to continue to roll-out the programme with a view to having the service nationwide towards the end of the year.

Further information on JobPath is available on the Department’s web site at the following link



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