Tenant Eviction

Today was a particularly busy day, first up was a gentleman who was renting an apartment.  Unfortunately for him, his landlord/s had the property repossessed by the Bank and went to court to obtain vacant possession.  So he now has to vacate almost immediately (having ignored correspondence since the Court Order) and find an alternative accommodation.

This isnt as easy as it sounds.  Firstly, he wishes to remain in the area, secondly he is not emotionally or financially equipped to cope with the trauma and upset due to other issues.  I contacted Council- they dont do homeless! I contacted Threshold- they advised him to seek alternative as the Courts word is law!  They also agreed to help him find an alternative.  I contacted the Sherriffs office and to be fair they explained their hands were tied and they had to execute the order.I do know that the Welfare Officer is doing her best also.  I contemplated contacting the Bank.  The one lesson I learned from this and if anyone else is in this very unfortunate situation (in this case through no fault of the tenant’s own) is when such a situation arises contact the statutory agencies for advice IMMEDIATELY dont bury your head in the sand.  This issue only came to my attention two days ago and with the pending eviction next week it leaves little time to get the matter sorted.  We will try and ensure that the tenant is not on the street with the cups and saucers and bed linen which would completely traumatize everyone !  I am confident that this case will be successfully sorted.

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  1. This is unfortunate…..But I was under the impression that .If some one was made homeless that the Council were duty bound to house them….I once had a tenant who drove me to get her evicted so that she could get a Council house…..She got a flat in Togher..lol.

    I might be able to store some of his stuff if he is stuck…And I have a small van if that’s a help…Call me.

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